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Brand strategy

Every successful brand is built around a central, compelling idea. An idea that has real value for the organization and its stakeholders alike. Brand strategy is key to unlocking that value – and we can help you craft a powerful strategy that delivers real results.

A great brand appeals to both hearts and minds. It’s about functional and emotional benefits. It’s about crafting, targeting and conveying solid value propositions, to every constituent, inside or outside the organization. When a company gets it right, the brand’s promise is reinforced, brand equity and economic value rise and the brand drives real business performance. That’s why a sound strategy is so important.

For decades, Brandlogic has been at the forefront of brand strategy with a proven methodology that leverages best practices garnered in the course of hundreds of successful engagements. Our approach is based on fact and observation, rooting our work in deep and extensive research. Our strategies work because we gain the knowledge needed to make them succeed. We’re not reading you a page from the playbook – we craft a strategy for your unique needs from the ground up.

Our strategy teams are multidisciplinary strategists, designers and writers, as well as digital and implementation experts. Together, we can address any element of brand strategy, including:

  • Create new or refresh positioning for companies and products
  • Recasting corporate mission, vision and values
  • Improving financial performance through brand portfolio optimization
  • Articulating a compelling, differentiated brand messaging framework
  • Evaluating the equities and liabilities of both the client and competing brands
  • Quantifying economic value at risk when making brand decisions
  • Defining aspects of competitive advantage
  • Clarifying the sources of future growth in shareholder value for investors
  • Segmenting customer needs and value propositions
  • Identifying the underpinnings of corporate brand sustainability
  • Aligning branded customer experiences with purchase and loyalty drivers

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