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Brand management

There is a science to successful brand management, one that relies on proven digital resources and expertise that work in the real world. Our brand management experience, tools and techniques have been developed from years of experience assisting clients through successful launches and in managing brands over time for high performance.

Brands are economic assets that require careful measurement, investment and upgrading over time. When properly managed, the brand can be a motivating force for organizations, clienteles and investors alike. It acts as a rallying point for needs, aspirations, ambitions and self-realization; it can have an emotional effect like no other asset in an institution’s portfolio.

Like any precious asset, a brand must be protected and effective brand management is imperative. A host of issues and questions face our clients. What’s the best way to manage the brand across the enterprise? When is it safe to transition from one brand to another? How should brand assets and guidelines be made accessible to those who need them? What about brand audits?

We can help you answer all these questions and many more, based on research-driven insight, best practices and deep knowledge of what makes brands successful and sustainable over time.

Management structure and processes

Effective ongoing brand management requires clear definition of roles, responsibilities and authority, often at multiple levels. It also can include taking the lead on critical tactical and investment questions. To help our clients achieve ongoing success, we work across a range of areas including:

  • Brand governance
  • Organizational alignment
  • Brand migrations/transitions
  • Brand extension/rationalization analyses
  • Resource allocation/marketing mix/channel strategy
  • Brand transaction support (purchase, sales, licensing)

Digital brand management

With geographically separated teams and external vendors, having a centralized brand asset management solution accessible to all is more important than ever. Brandlogic brings an industry-leading suite of tools and over 32 years of brand management together in a simple, easy-to-use digital brand management platform that includes:

  • Strategic planning to customize the solution for your organization
  • Standards and guidelines linked to tools and resources, all managed by you
  • Content management that anyone can use
  • No per-user or per-year fees
  • Time- and money-saving tools such as collateral automation, image library and logo selector

All of our solutions are intuitive and easy-to-use, with no training required. Users understand them right away, which makes deployment across your organization fast, simple and low-risk.

Measurement and monitoring

In a business climate marked by unprecedented demands for transparency and accountability, CMOs have to do more than ever to demonstrate the value of their brands. We can measure and model the past and potential future impacts of brands, brand strategies and/or streams of investment, drawing on our research capabilities as a foundation for our brand management advice.

Our services cover:

  • Brand equities and liabilities
  • Purchase funnel performance
  • Corporate brand sustainability (Sustainability IQ Matrix)
  • Brand valuation
  • Value at risk
  • Brand ScoreCards and key performance indicators
  • … and more.

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