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What we do for clients.

Creating an enduring and valuable brand takes a wide-ranging set of skills, employed intelligently. As a full-service consultancy, we cover it all – from end to end. Or better yet, from beginning to beginning!

  1. Strategy

    Brands don’t become great by accident. With deep insight, we can deliver practical answers that help you understand why your brand isn’t outperforming the competition, whether it needs to be repositioned to achieve performance goals, or if your brand architecture needs to be streamlined. Our decades of experience give us the ability to see what may not be apparent and use that to help define a focused, effective brand strategy.

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  2. Research

    Effective ideas come from solid understanding. We are well-versed in all forms of qualitative and quantitative research. We team with our clients to determine the most effective ways to uncover new insights. And, we can harness the creativity and knowledge of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of stakeholders by using proven co-creation methodologies.

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  3. Design

    Outstanding design is at the core of what we do. Brandlogic has assembled an exceptional multilingual and multicultural group of designers. Each member of this diverse and talented team brings a unique perspective to every assignment. It makes for a vibrant and energetic creative environment where the best of many distinctive design ideas rise to the top. Whether it’s a new identity, a website, printed collateral, a mobile experience – or all of the above – we have the skills and experience to create truly distinctive design solutions.

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  4. Digital

    From mobile apps to social networking to the web… digital is now. Your customer experience has to embody your brand across the entire digital landscape. That requires a unique blend of technical know-how and brand-savvy creativity. Brandlogic has an interdisciplinary team of strategists, graphic designers, user-experience experts and technologists who bring the digital experience to life in a way that engages users and generates real results.

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  5. Experience design

    Leading organizations achieve differentiation through captivating and relevant customer experiences, enabling them to create competitive advantage. Improving experiences is a great investment. At Brandlogic we believe that understanding and crafting the interplay between your brand and your customers, across all channels and touchpoints, is the key to unlocking growth potential.

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  6. Communications

    Creating compelling content that informs, enlightens and inspires is an art. Our writers and editors craft original communications materials that work across audiences, channels, media and type of deliverable to convey and support your brand message. We can take the most complex ideas and make them accessible and hard-hitting.

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  7. Management

    There is a science to successful brand management, one that relies on proven digital tools and expertise that work in the real world. Experience that spans decades has helped us develop best practices, learn how to structure brand councils, and provide unparalleled brand training. Our knowledge, insight and technology skills come together in Brand Ensemble, our industry-leading digital platform that lets you share your guidelines and assets and foster the development of a truly global brand community within your organization.

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  8. Engagement

    An organization’s employees are its best brand ambassadors. Fostering an atmosphere that generates excitement, acceptance, approval and team spirit within the organization is essential to the success of any brand. We create programs and systems to educate and engage employees so that they can deliver on the brand promise consistently across all channels and in every interaction.

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  9. Naming

    The right name can make your brand memorable; the wrong one can hold it back. We create unique, compelling names for organizations, products and services in multiple industries. Working with you, we can help navigate the legal, linguistic and cultural hurdles that come along with registering and securing a name for global use.

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