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An organization’s employees are its best brand ambassadors. They have the power to move the organization forward and make the brand live and breathe.

Fostering an atmosphere that generates excitement, acceptance, approval and team spirit within the organization is essential to the success of any brand. Brandlogic creates programs and systems that educate and engage employees so that they can deliver on the brand promise consistently, across all channels and in every interaction.

Our approach centers on building a robust engagement platform that aligns your company’s strategic purpose, its people and culture, and their systems of behavior.

  • Purpose comes from developing deep-seated beliefs about the organization’s shared values and its mission in the world. Clarity of purpose originates from the leadership within the organization and is delivered every day by everyone in a company.
  • To thrive, a company has to have a culture that is fueled by its purpose. The culture is reflected in everyday conversations, decisions and “moments of truth,” all of which underscore and drive behavior.
  • Shaping the dialogue inside organizations is a strategic and creative undertaking. The behavior that embodies its aspirations and its unique ability to create value has to become second nature.

The importance of engaging employees should never be underestimated or overvalued. It can make a new brand a roaring success – or allow it to fizzle if not done right. We know how to engage and motivate your stakeholders, and have the credentials to prove it.

Our engagement services span the full arc of run-up, launch and post-launch activities. They include:

  • Communication needs assessment
  • Employee brand education
  • Intranet-based communications
  • Stakeholder communication campaigns
  • Social media management and monitoring
  • Launch-related collateral

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