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Revolutionizing the way branding is done

Organizations, large and small, are digitizing their best practices, processes and other intellectual property as a way to drive efficiency, speed and quality. One such example is GE. Since 2001, it has been pursuing digitization initiatives across practically all of their business units.

While some branding firms have made strides in this direction, Brandlogic has embraced digitization more aggressively than any of our peers. We’ve made significant investments in this arena, primarily to help our clients achieve higher-quality results, faster implementation cycles and deeper engagement with their key stakeholders.

Our goal is not to reduce the art of brand building to a digital “fill in the blanks” framework. Building a great brand requires analysis, creativity and professional judgment based on experience. But after studying our industry’s practices, we concluded that many of the decades-old process steps, common to all branding assignments, could be dramatically improved by applying a digital workflow.

Here’s a look at how Brandlogic is applying innovative digital technologies to the brand-building process.

New research tools

Brandlogic has created a qualitative survey tool that allows us to capture and track all stakeholder interviews into a searchable, sortable database.

To complement our traditional research skills, Brandlogic also offers online co-creation communities, a whole new approach to research and stakeholder engagement. By using social networking coupled with professional facilitation, we can harness the power of hundreds, even thousands of participants, to provide a much broader and deeper insight.

Brand audits

Traditional brand audits work this way: collect boxes of communications materials… pin them up in a conference room and… then conduct a design and content analysis by hand. Our digital brand audit tool simplifies the collection and analysis process by empowering individual offices and locations to post materials to a central server, right from a web browser or even their mobile phone. Not only can you capture a baseline of your visual consistency, but you can gauge the change over time.

Brand management

Brand guidelines, whether they’re contained in a three-ring binder or a static PDF, are often cumbersome to navigate and they are disconnected from the assets they support. To help distribute, manage and update brand guidelines and brand assets seamlessly, we created Brand Ensemble, our proven digital brand management tool. Currently installed by clients such as Deere & Company, Air Products, Rockwell Collins and others, Brand Ensemble is flexible, scalable and easy to buy, use and maintain.

Collateral automation

All too often, the process steps to create a print-ready ad are arduous, requiring a host of agency and internal resources to execute. Our collateral automation system allows virtually any communications professional to create an on-brand advertisement, poster, or collateral piece in a few easy steps. Within a few months of installation, our clients have realized a positive ROI.

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