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Brandlogic designs the 2011 annual report for CFA Institute using responsive design

Wilton, CT (January 27, 2012) – Brandlogic is pleased to announce its participation in the creation and development of the 2011 annual report for CFA Institute. Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, CFA Institute is a leading 100,000-member global association of investment professionals offering the highly prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst certification.

CFA Institute and Brandlogic were eager to repeat the success of the interactive 2010 annual report, which won recognition around the world and delivered compelling results for the organization: in 2010, CFA Institute experienced a seven-fold increase in visits to the report over 2009, when the report was simply a PDF posted to the CFA Institute’s site.

“In 2011, our task was to incorporate responsive design techniques into the report, so that the viewing experience on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices would be greatly improved,” said Hampton Bridwell, Managing Partner and CEO of Brandlogic.

Responsive design is a web development approach that allows content to adapt dynamically to the screen size of the device on which it appears. Whether the device is a desktop browser, a smartphone or a tablet, responsive design provides the optimal user experience. In this year’s solution, Brandlogic also incorporated videos of various CFA Institute executives and thought leaders throughout the site.

While responsive design helps solve the multi-device challenge, there are others to consider as well. According to Larry Roth, senior partner of Brandlogic’s digital practice, “it’s not enough to have a design that looks beautiful on every device. You need a fast web site to drive a great experience to various platforms. In this case, Brandlogic employed our web performance methodology to create an unparalleled user experience for CFA Institute.”

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