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Denis Riney quoted in AdAge on retro fall TV programming

New York, NY (August 23, 2011) – Denis Riney, Senior Partner of Marketing at Brandlogic, was quoted by AdAge in an article on new fall programming from broadcast networks NBC and ABC.

Both networks, seemingly inspired by AMC’s runaway success ‘Mad Men,’ are premiering series set in the early 1960’s. NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’ will center around the employees working at the first Playboy Club in Chicago; with ‘Pan Am,’ ABC will give a glimpse into the glamorous lives of Pan Am flight attendants.

Mr. Riney’s view is that simple nostalgia is not the only appeal for these shows. Instead, this programming will enable today’s Americans, struggling with the current economic situation, to revisit an era when the United States was No. 1.

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