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Brandlogic’s Hampton Bridwell spoke at World Brand Congress in Mumbai

Hampton Bridwell, President of Brandlogic, spoke at the World Brand Congress 2009, held in November 2009 in Mumbai, India. The Congress draws top branding and marketing executives from across the world to share ideas on today’s critical business challenges.

The 2009 Congress focused on branding during a recession and on new social media and technology tactics.

A recognized expert in the branding industry, Mr. Bridwell led a MasterClass session on how to create a highly effective corporate brand architecture. “As the global economic recovery begins to take effect in 2010 and beyond, we believe leading organizations in India and elsewhere will begin investing heavily in building their brands,” stated Mr. Bridwell. “A coherent brand architecture is especially key to this development, as it provides an efficient structure to create leverage in existing and new markets.”

The World Brand Congress is the single largest meeting of thought leaders behind some of the world’s most successful brands. At this year’s conference in Mumbai, over 500 executives from the world’s largest brands and most influential branding and marketing organizations were in attendance to share their views. For more information, see