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Illuminating Engineering Society Web site honored

The New York Society of Association Executives (NYSAE), a leading professional organization for non-profit executives, has given its Cyber Space Award for excellence in Web site design to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The Cyber Space Award recognizes members’ associations for their outstanding Web sites. The criteria for this award include the following Web site attributes: immediacy of overview, ease of navigation, aesthetics, consistency, timeliness of content, internal search capabilities, usefulness, interact-ability, originality and Internet vision.

Mr. Kevin Flynn, who is the chairman of IES and a principal with the architectural firm Kiku Obata, commented, "We are pleased to learn that was one of only three not-for-profits to win the Cyber Space Award. We were happy to work with Brandlogic, who was responsible for creating this site along with a complete refresh of the IES brand."

"We are happy to see that our client IES was recognized by its peers in the non-profit world," said Hampton Bridwell, President of Brandlogic. "Working together with IES, we were able to create a compelling, easy-to-use Web experience, along with a powerful, recognizable brand that is helping IES drive its overall performance."

NYSAE includes in its membership professionals from organizations such as The Girl Scouts, The American Institute of CPAs, The American Heart Association and many other prestigious non-profits.

The NYSAE Awards Program provides an opportunity for members to nominate members who've made significant contributions to the profession or NYSAE. The program was created to honor those individuals who have demonstrated leadership, service and special achievements that benefit the Association Management profession and its related fields. These awards are the highest recognition that NYSAE can give its active members.