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EdisonLearning featured in The Conference Board Review

Brandlogic is featured prominently by Tony Spaeth, a leading corporate identity consultant, in the January/February 2009 edition of The Conference Board Review, The Conference Board’s award-winning magazine on ideas and opinions from the world’s business leaders.

In his review of 2008’s top identity programs, Mr. Spaeth recognized Brandlogic’s work with EdisonLearning, the for-profit education organization founded by Chris Whittle. “We are quite proud that EdisonLearning has been recognized as one of the noteworthy identity programs of 2008,” said Hampton Bridwell, president of Brandlogic. “We are pleased to be recognized by Mr. Spaeth and The Conference Board for our work with this inspiring organization.”

Working with Terry Stecz, the CEO of EdisonLearning, Brandlogic helped refine the corporate brand positioning, developed a new corporate identity, redesigned the corporate Web site and sales collateral, and created a series of advanced brand management tools to help implement the new identity across the organization’s key touchpoints. The Conference Board Review article outlines the strategic context behind the identity change and describes the logic behind the unique creative expression that was developed.Read the full story.