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Bridwell speaks at HiBrand 2008 in Moscow

Moscow, Oct. 24, 2008 — Hampton Bridwell, President of Brandlogic, spoke at the HiBrand 2008 International Conference on Branding in Moscow.

HiBrand 2008 is a three-day assemblage of the top thinkers from the branding, advertising, marketing, design, and communication fields, hailing from Russia, Europe, and the United States.

In his lecture, Bridwell discussed how to create a highly effective corporate brand architecture. He stressed the importance of cohesively organizing a brand portfolio in order to gain the utmost level of success with your brands. “When a consistent brand architecture is formed from individual brands organized by an overarching set of principles, the result is a total greater than the sum of its parts,” Bridwell explained.  “A coherent brand architecture is key to your firm’s enterprise marketing strategy, as it provides an efficient structure to create leverage in existing and new markets, creates powerful new brands, and assimilates acquired brands to create value.”

Bridwell also participated in a panel discussion with Wally Olins and Alan Siegel, sharing his insights on how to most effectively use a corporate brand for product branding.