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Introducing Brand Finance USA

Helping finance and marketing professionals optimize brand investments for the highest ROI

At Brandlogic, we believe creating, building and managing great brands requires a carefully orchestrated interplay between inspired creativity and analytical rigor.

As an outgrowth of this philosophy, we are proud to announce the launch of Brand Finance USA. The new company is a joint venture between Brandlogic and Brand Finance, the international leader in measuring and leveraging economic brand value, headquartered in London with 17 global offices.

Brand Finance USA provides clients state-of-the-art financial analytics, modeling, and decision support relating to brand strategies, brand transactions, and brand/marketing investments.

In a world of communications channel fragmentation and rapid product/service replication where marketing investments are easily squandered, companies have grown to realize the increasing importance of the economic value of a brand.

Not surprisingly, these same companies desire to apply more rigorous financial analytics to the performance of brands and brand-building efforts – both actual and potential. This growing scrutiny of brands has gone hand-in-hand with the increasing analysis of overall marketing spend effectiveness during this period of economic turbulence.

We find that clients facing strategic marketing questions are seeking decision support that goes beyond creative genius, expert opinion, or logical arguments. What executives are demanding is that financial impact modeling be applied to these questions, just as it is to other types of business decisions.

Brand Finance is at the forefront of Bridging the gap between marketing and finance.™ The company is committed to creating and delivering the analytical tools and econometric tools required by today’s executive teams when assessing the potential of branding or marketing strategies.

Key questions Brand Finance can help our clients answer:

  • Which alternative brand portfolio strategy will generate the highest ROI?
  • Will specific brand investments increase the economic value of a business?
  • What mix of marketing expenditures will maximize returns?
  • What are the key indicators for monitoring brand performance?
  • When is it safe to transition from one brand to another?
  • What is the licensing value of a trademark?
  • How can branding systems best be controlled?
  • What elements of Brand Scorecard/DashBoard will be most appropriate for a client?

Brand Finance USA is located in Brandlogic’s New York office:
Brand Finance
590 Madison Ave.
21st Floor
New York, NY 10022
212 521-4240

For more information on how Brandlogic and Brand Finance can help your company improve its performance, please contact: Hampton Bridwell at or 203 834-0087 ext. 320.