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Brand Ensemble identity management product

Brandlogic announced the commercial availability of Brand Ensemble™ 4.0, a data-driven, open standards-based identity management Web platform. The core system demonstrates an identity's building blocks, (logo, typography, color, tone-of-voice, etc.), and "personalizes" the guidelines to clearly show how these elements are used across media applications. Brand Ensemble also includes robust content management, automated e-mail notification, download management, and relational structure for linking frequently asked questions (FAQs) and Gallery examples to specific applications.

The platform evolved out of our philosophy that educating employees and executives about the value of the brand is integral to the success of the program and that successful implementation depends on friendly, easy-to-use guidelines. In 1999, we created the first database-driven brand management system for Texaco. This innovative site embodied our long-held approach of personalizing guidelines based on the individual needs of people using the identity, a notion that began with our work for GE over a decade ago.

Since then, ongoing upgrades, and using the latest technology and best practices, have enabled us to create Brand Ensemble, one of the most complete brand and identity management platforms available.