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Where a company came from guides where it’s going.

We came from a position of strength. With roots that go back 35 years, Brandlogic is, today, a leading full-service independent brand consultancy. We are dedicated to helping clients build great brands by creating ideas that drive performance.

Our origins play a major role in our culture and approach to our work. Rather than grounding ourselves in one core competency, Brandlogic has been about strength in all aspects of brand building since day one. We were formed in 1999 when companies with distinct missions came together – a merging of equals. JMK, a New York design and communications agency founded in 1977 by Brandlogic chairman Wynn Medinger, was one part. Navistream was an early entrant into the digital revolution in 1994, under the control of Brandlogic co-presidents Hampton Bridwell and Larry Roth. The third leg of the triad was Context, a firm specializing in corporate reports and communications.

This created what has since grown into a rich, diversified and complementary set of competencies spanning all media and all aspects of brand building. This is central to our identity. Brandlogic is a true full-service firm.

We bring purposeful strategy, design and messaging together to enable you to take your brand to the next level. Moreover, we have the acumen to truly understand the strategic dynamics of your organization – and the skills to help you demonstrate how your brand drives business results. We back it with the ability to navigate a complex digital landscape, so that your brand can perform on multiple platforms.